Herogi Platform Features

Build complex customer journeys with fast moving data

Customer Data Platform

Herogi provides a rich customer data platform readily available to design complex customer journeys. Ready to use javascript library and rest api requires minimal guidance to setup.

  • Built-in customer attributes
  • Custom attributes
  • Subscription Information (email optin etc)
  • Events with meta data

Dynamic Segmentation

With dynamic segmentation Herogi identify which segments each user should be part of.

Dynamic nature of segments adapts with changing users attributes nicely so you don’t need to worry about keeping segments up to date.  It automatically adds or removes users from segment.

Campaigns & Complex Scenarios

Whether lite single step, triggered or scheduled campaigns from dynamic segments or complex multi-step user scenarios, Herogi supports both.

Herogi maintains customly built a complex event processing engine which enable brands to run very custom user journeys, automations with ease.

Here is the some of the key features supported in scenarios:

  • Scheduling, Timer events
  • Aggregation of numeric event parameters (total cart value, number of login etc)
  • In-memory data grid (support transit data in scenario context to use later)
  • Complex conditions, validations
  • Personalization 

Omni Channel

Rich integrations fit for different use cases. Already have an email provider or custom SMTP no need to worry, Herogi supports. 

Herogi built with the mind it should integrate and support different use cases so that it supports webhooks which can connect to any API your brand needs. 

  • Email Providers and custom SMTP systems
  • CRM solutions such as Zendesk, Hubspot
  • SMS 
  • Webpush Notifications
  • In-app messages

Reporting & Analytics

At any given moment millions of customer events processed by Herogi.

Nicely created dashboards and logs enable marketing and product leaders, engineering teams to analyze the results of experiments, campaigns running with ease.

Your analytic data is actionable here! 

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